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"This was one of the most simple processes by far!

The eBook solidified everything."


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Beginning to End, loved the customer care ant the attention to detail!"


"Not only was I consulted by a legal team but the manual gave me a true insight into making a change for myself.


Join our clients in saving hundreds per year on their finances

A technology-first approach to credit restoration

Built with security and easy-to-use in mind.

Fast & secure platform

We release hundreds of features to help you manage your credit securely with speed.

Built-in Reports

Our legal team will prepare and tailor the documents necessary for all 3 Credit Bureaus.


We believe in transparency when it comes to the restoration process. Full access to our software portal.


Our legal team and staff will make sure to walk with you every step and get RESULTS!

Our Services.

Credit Mastery eBook

An easy, step by step guide included in your mentorship, highlighting the do's and dont's. Proper guidance for a full credit restoration process.

Understanding all aspects of your credit:

-How to read the report and how it's calculated

-Dispute process and what's expected.

Our Credit Mastery eBook offers the steps to take hold of your finances and enhance your credit score. Improve your score by identifying the accounts and how they impact your score.

Credit Restoration

Our credit score is the biggest factor in how your finances affect your life.

Having a higher score saves you money, time and the stress that comes with financial struggles.

Because we want you to succeed, Credit Mastery works with you to dispute any inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous accounts on your credit report.

The simple Credit Restoration process can have a huge effect on your family's financial future.

Lower your interest rates, avoid high late fees, save money, and advance your credit opportunities with Credit Mastery!

Legal Support

Having legal support on your side helps all areas. Not just the dispute process but also making sure all your rights are met! Checking everything thoroughly.

Credit Mastery starts with the proper legal system:

-Rounds of verification

-Leverage the proper laws. FCRA

-Multiple years of experience

Support that understands

Credit & Identity Monitoring

Partnering with Credit Mastery has you covered on all sides. Protect and Monitor your credit with IQ.

The service alerts you with all updates:

-Update every day

-Simulation from tips and tricks

-Score Simulator

-Credit Alerts

-Identity Alerts

While you are building your credit score, you want to protect the progress. Access your report anytime to see your score



-Schedule a free consultation.

-Create a CM account.

-Enter your information and follow the on-boarding steps.

"We got you from here!"

Credit Law Analysis

-Complete analysis of your credit report by our legal team and professionals

-Finding any errors and violations

-As fast as 30 DAYS for results

Identity Protection Unit

-Ensuring protection from fraud

-With new finances comes the risk of identity and financial fraud

Become a true Credit Master 💎

"Denial is not an option any more."

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Our Pricing.

Credit Mastery Suite

  • 15 min Consultation

  • Account Review

  • Pricing Options*

*Credit Monitoring is required for $24.95/m


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